Artisanal Gibberish

“One man’s ongoing struggle with literature”
(and the “Mirth” part of)

Music, Magic, Mirth, and Madness!

If brevity is the soul of wit, then Tobias the Adequate is a horrifically verbose fellow.
So verbose, in fact, that he’s unleashed two books of somewhat questionable poetry upon an unsuspecting populace, with another book threatening to loom large on the horizon.

The books? Artisanal Gibberish and Artisanal Gibberish II: Yet More Gibberish

What, might you as, is Artisanal Gibberish?

Artisanal Gibberish Logo
A reasonably-safe picture of the dreaded title

Man vs. Poetry. Poetry may be ahead on points.

Munificent musings on multiple matters, mainly manifesting in a literary litany of alliterative madness. It’s poetry, if you squint …

Initially inspired by the need to chase a monstrous sea creature around, Artisanal Gibberish is the manifestation of alliteration, assonance, homophonic wordplay which rattles around in Mr. Legare’s head all … the … time …

Artisanal Gibberish is perfect for leaving on the toilet tank in the bathroom, or gifting to your least beloved relative.

If you’re brave enough to seek more information on these books, you can visit the Unruly Voices website via the links above. We’ll be installing some “Buy now” buttons here when we can manage to get Mr. legare (aka Tobias) under control…

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