The Tobias the Adequate Magic Show

Dangerous and More Than a Little Stupid
(the “Magic” part of)

Music, Magic, Mirth, and Madness!

Tobias the Adequate Demo Reel Playlist via YouTube

A long time ago, in a forest by a lake far, far away (if you don’t live in Northern California), a man known only as Anchor won his first name, “Tobias”, in a card game. Tired of constantly falling off the ship and having them come back ’round to pick him up, he began performing a comedy-and-magic show at fairs, festivals, empty fields, and barren wastelands covered in burlap all up and down the California coast, venturing up into Washington State and, eventually being chased migrating to the wilds of Southern Texas, where he now resides at in undisclosed location.

Here, he plies his trade (such as it is) to bring miracles and wonders from the four corners of the circular globe to people who would otherwise never have heard of him, risking Life, Limb and Dignity in a show he describes as “Dangerous, and More Than a Little Stupid.”
… Dignity goes first.

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