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The first official TROUBADORK Music Video can be found here – The Ballad of the Dread Peasant Festus!

The Ballad of the Dread Peasant Festus

Tobias the Adequate, after years being asked what instrument he played when he told people he was a magician, decided to try this “Musician” thing out in 2018. He found that he was pretty decent at it, and when the Great Plague of 2020 came around, he started broadcasting from an undisclosed location his mix of original geeky, nerdy, goofy songs, some traditional stuff, some “filks” (that’s like Folk music only much nerdier) and songs he just flat enjoys. Over 200 livestreams later, he’s still doing that when he isn’t actually out somewhere performing – you can find his livestreams being simulcast at , , and

If you want to catch the current recordings of Actual TROUBADORK shows, you can check them out right below:

The TROUBADORK Shows playlist – latest shows first

Below is the TROUBADORK Playlist, including a whole lotta LiveStreams!

Tobias TOUBADORK Playlist courtesy of YouTube

Additional music demos and other oddness (including “HAM”) can be found on his SoundCloud page

Tobias’s Soundcloud and why is this chunk so big on the page?

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